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Gain the skills you need to stand above the rest of brokers in the industry.

Soft Skills

Soft skills relate back to your personality traits and habits. Let us help you measure and grow the soft skills you need for continuous success.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are your technical abilities to perform specific tasks. They are developed as you practice them in your professional life. Let us help you build them.


Our team has come to real estate from different paths; we are investors, entrepreneurs, bankers, and business owners, all with a passion for real estate.
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Our only MANDATE is helping you SELL more real estate

As a business, we are strongly committed to this principle. We help you through teaching you what to say when helping your buyers and sellers. We help you manage your business,
your finances and your investments as well. Our bootcamp will help you tweak your process so you can have more time to sell real estate and spend more time with your loved ones.

Technical Support
Business growth management

Every day live and online training

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Satisfied Brokers
Come join a positive and productive office environment.
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Expert Team Member
Join our team and be the top realtor and give yourself a boost by going to check it out with 30+ industry partners. Gain knowledge from industry experts who come present bi-weekly online and live.

Certified in house director to help you 10x your business


Commision checks paid in 24 hours

Forget waiting for 7-10 business days to get paid. At Royal LePage du Quartier you will receive your commission in 24 hours once your paperwork is completed.


State of the art AI system


Use a widely-known real estate CRM system helping you manage your clients and their needs.

Lead Generation

In today's real estate world, you need a source of lead generation. With our innovative systems and approaches, we have the ability to create solid real estate leads for our brokers.

Automated Marketing

Automated marketing is an indispensable tool helping you stay top of mind with your customers.


Positive & Collaborative work environment where people Love to Work.

We encourage a positive work environment where brokers come in and collaborate. Providing this environment for our brokers has facilitated their business growth.

Well being Lifestyle & Fun

Group Medical Insurance Available

We provide you with a group medical insurance for you and your family.

Yearly 5 star vacation for top performing brokers

Surpass your target and win a travel incentive!

Dialogue Medical App available

Our single sign-on app provides timely access to specialized care.